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  • August 4, 2020
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As marketers in the digital age, there is one fact we need to face: It´s all about search engines. Back 5-10 years ago, Google used the same formula old magazine ads did. They would charge you to appear on side banners nobody clicked on and people considered annoying. In this new age of marketing, we notice that the change in the rules is all about SEO positioning. So, if you really want to take your business (or your client´s business) to the next level you can´t be a stranger to this info. Read on and learn how to climb the virtual ladder all the way to the top.

What is SERP Position Zero?

Let´s begin from the very start and explain what position zero is and why it got to be relevant in past years. SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page and the position zero is the first result right after the ads. It is usually in the shape of a paragraph, bullets, or a chart. This snippet on top of the results is Google´s effort to respond to their client´s query. With the proliferation of voice searches, it is very likely that questions start with what, where, how, and such. Hence, the snippet that Google features in position zero is the best answer to that question. Being at position zero makes your content unavoidable and most people will definitely click on it. This can take your traffic to the next level, being a true game-changer for your business or your client´s business.

Google is a company too, you know?

The first thing to understand when optimizing your content to get to the top is: why would Google feed their customers your content? Sometimes we lose track that Google is a search engine and as such, it delivers accurate and trust-worthy information to people. If you were to use Google and get misleading info every time you used it, you would just stop and look for another one. This is what happened to all other search engines outdone largely by Google back in the day. The company continues to cultivate the same spirit even today owning the biggest two search engines on the planet. So, bear this in mind because Google works for itself satisfying its own customers with your info.

The top of the food chain (and how to get there)

SERP´s Position Zero is the modern version of the top of the food chain. Those whose content gets to that position benefit exponentially more than all of the rest. This means that your traffic will grow enormously (we are talking about an over 100% increase in most cases). Don´t worry, you don´t need to fight your competition with sticks and stones; just follow these tips.

  • Keep your snippets sentences short
    The entire snippet paragraph should be about 50 words. This is to say that you have to answer the customer´s query with only that. Focus on concise, information-rich, short sentences. Google loves short sentences and good information.
  • Keep it simple
    Simple, yet consistent HTML code with optimized content can increase your chances of being featured in the snippet.
  • Keywords in the snippet
    Include the keywords you are optimizing for as part of the answer in the snippet. This will allow Google to find it and show it easier and faster.

Final words

Marketing is not so much about selling anymore, but more about how your customers find you. In today´s world, with all the information-bombarding people get, being noticed is not easy. So, make the tools of the trade work for you offering the best, trustiest content. The way to the top is forged of good decisions and solid information. Google will love you for it and so will their customers.

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